CID SI KIRA Kennels presents the breed history

The “DE CID AND KIRA” Kennel” is officially recognized by FCI (05.03.2012) and recorded in the Book of Romanian Origin.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Breed: belongs to class I, Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs).

Original name: Ceskoslovensky Vlcak (Czechoslovakian wolfdog).

English name: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Czech Wolfdog, Slovak Wolfdog.

Other names:: Czechoslovakian Wolf, Slovakian Wolf, Wolfdog.

Origin: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog comes from the former Republic of Czechoslovakia. The breed was made in the 80’s from the German Shepherd and the “Carpathian Timber Wolf”. The new breed was internationally accepted in 1982.

History: It is in the 1950’s, in the former Republic of Czechoslovakia, that the first cross between a wolf and the a German Shepherd was made when Karel Hartl, a former military engineer started a project to create a national breed to protect the country borders.

The first trials, between the captive female wolf, Brita, and a male German Shepherd, have failed. The success came with the second male German Shephard, Cezar Brezoveho, and the first Czechoslovakian Wolfdog litter came on May 26th 1958.

The first generation have been attentively selected, after being subjected to various tests: obedience, ability to be trained, and tenacity. The ones that have passed the tests have mated with German Shepherd dogs from different blood lines. Among the puppies from the second litter, some have proved easier to train. The third and the forth generations have been used by the border soldiers in Czechoslovakia. In 1982 there were 43 Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs and 10 years later their number went up to 1552. In 1989 the breed was temporarily accepted by the International Canine Federation. In 1999, 50 years after the first puppies, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was officially accepted/recognised by the ICF under the name Ceskoslovensky Vlcak.